Sand Volleyball action...
Start with a nicely groomed beach and a Miller Lite volleyball net.  Then add 6 old (almost antique) guys, a few college students, two eligible bachelors, a cooler full of cold beverages, and you have yourself a kickin' time!  The best part is, we captured it all on camera and we have it to show you!
As you can tell from the picture to the left, the intensity of these volleyball games rivals the intensity of a professional volleyball event.  We must have caught this game at a peak in the action because all of the players are down and ready to play the ball.  Maybe their defensive stance is lacking because its late in the day, or maybe because they have a few years under their belts.
Games are intense!  When people loose they get upset, hang their heads, and reach for the cooler.  It could be though, that someone lost a contact and that is why everyone has their heads down.  After all, its all in good fun!
The technique seen to the right is perfect serve-receive form.  I think he got it from Karch Kiraly because he is sporting the hot pink visor just as Kiraly does!  Don't bother bending your knees, just bend at the waist, and its imperative that you REAPPLY the suntan lotion and do it evenly!
This Big Guy was all serious, we caught him while he was sharing a couple of choice words with his opponents.  It went something like "Yea what's up now, huh? Can you dig that?" or it sounded similar to "Are there anymore drinks in that cooler by you guys?"  
Here is the Big Guy again!  Look at that extension on that dig, absolutely incredible.  He may trash talk across the net but he definitely backs up what he says.  Big Guy was in great position to play this ball and he was ready in a athletic defensive stance to dig this ball.  When all of the elements come together you get results, a solid dig.

Shoulder surgery cannot keep these gung-ho guys off the court!  It is simply amazing what a couple Advil will do to that ache in your shoulder.  

Here he is talking his tricky stuff before he serves.  The usual lawyer technique, loose the other person in conversation and catch them by surprise.  It gets hard when you get old to play the game using the skills included in the game, so why not add a few to keep it interesting?

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