Page Monitoring System (PMS)

The page monitoring system was created in order to regulate virgin minds from becoming corrupt with the ways of today's society.  We here at Suva1 have created a page monitoring system so everyone knows before entering that part of the site what they are in for.  The system is constructed as follows:

G- These pages contain the equivalent to pictures of Bambi and Alice in Wonderland.  Great for all ages!

PG- The only difference here is the pages may have a complex nature that only a parentally guided child could maneuver through efficiently

PG 13- These pages involve controversial material that should only be viewed under the supervision of a parent (or legal guardian). 

R- Pages marked Restricted contain influential material that may sway the objective mind of a youth.  Also, these pages may have content that is not intended to be viewed by our wide variety of children.

X- Oh Boy!  You will not find any of these here because this is a family site (I use that term loosely).  But if you are into that we here at Suva1 would love to help you out. Simply click here and follow the simple instructions.

X-Star- OK this is not a category but I This is the boat that I wish I could ride behind.  If you want to help me out with this just email me and leave your credit card number (These are the jokes, your credit card number is very important please do not give it out to anyone who asks for it)