Canoe race on The Fox Valley River
Well the day started out great, it was sunny and everyone was ready to go.  But that was not the mindset two hours later after the 14 mile trip down the Fox Valley River.  Russ and his boating/navigation partner finished late in the pack, in fact we all thought that we had lost them.  But everyone knew with Russ and Chris on a boat, there was no stopping them!
The race was long, the competition was tough (for some), and hand pains were plentiful.  Gloves were the savior of the day and anyone who wanted a little edge had them.  You can see the fellow (left) behind Chris also wearing gloves along with his fashionable T-shirt.  Only the best competitors needed the gloves, or maybe it was because of soft hands.
After two hours of paddling it was time for some well earned rest and maybe some muscle relaxation wouldn't hurt.  Chris took advantage of the free facilities at the finish line.  There was a nice convenient tent where people were giving FREE massages.  Well, Chris jumped all over that one and here he is pictured (right) as he was getting his massage after the extremely demanding canoe race.
It was easy!  All you had to do was consult the personable fellow wearing the striking gray polo who was standing in front of the tent. (pictured on the far right) and he would get you all signed up for you free muscle relaxation session.  You should have seen the look on his face, this free session worked like a charm.  Easily dissipating any pain from the extensive paddling done previously.
It gets better...   If you can see in the back (above and left), behind Chris you can see that everyone was doing it!  This was not for people with problems, this was the real thing.  Behind Chris there is an old lady with just the same problem as Chris!  This massage idea was a hit, a variety of ages and athletic conditions were all taken care of under this roomy tent.
I have to thank the Fox Valley Park District for all their hospitality, especially the free massages.  The people giving massages were incredible, taking a wide variety of people, from the whole spectrum and helping them with whatever hurt.  Although they cant fix every problem that you may have, they can relieve any pain and leave you with a smile.